i'm here!

i've moved out, moved in, and now i am slowly settling into my new life in a new state. still in the midwest though. why do i love the midwest so much? have i ever talked about my love of extremes when it comes to weather? i love blizzards and hot summers. that is why the midwest is my home.

...that's not to say that someday i wouldn't like to live in a place where the climate is less dramatic. but for now, i love it here. i'm still adjusting to the newness of everything—new job, new city, new maze of public transportation—but once i've gotten into a groove of sorts, i'll be able to rededicate myself to this little blog.

i wanted to add that although i no longer work at a bookstore, the bibliophile in me will never tire. never! things here are not going to change. ne'er you fear.

that is all for today.
until next time—


  1. Once you live in the Midwest, why would you want to move anywhere else? ;)

    My guess is - from the snow - you're in Minnesota, am I right?

  2. hi charlotte! i was in illinois, and now i am in wisconsin, same as you. i live in the other capital city... by which i mean madison! :) and i cannot wait for the SNOW!

  3. But ----- where is our snow????

  4. oh, well, i should clarify that that photo is from illinois, circa 2010. (or was it early 2011?)
    s o r r y !
    but seriously, here it is 12/7, and no snow. c'mon.

  5. Congrats on the move and the new job! Whatareyadoing? Frank and I keep talking about moving to Madison as well -- what a fabulous place. I'm so very excited for you. All the best on this new adventure!

  6. thank you, dear hannah! if you and frank ever do decide to move here, you can count me among the very thrilled. :) hope you're doing great!


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