nicole caputo

the other day in the shop i saw the book feathers: evolution of a natural miracle.

and so i knew that nicole caputo was another designer i needed to look into...

effortless designs.
i love the fluttering feather + horse mane, and the careful use of color.
hooray book covers!

it's a rainy tuesday here, and i am quite enjoying the sound of raindrops outside this morning... hopefully a sign that it's going to be a lovely day.



bachelot et caron

these painted artworks by bachelot / caron are realistic, color-streaked representations of both the momentary and the mundane, and also the vaguely creepy. some of the best art occurs when strange or scary or ugly things are rendered beautifully, and i think bachelot and caron know just what i mean.

i hope so.

off we go into wednesday. 
e n j o y !



ingrid calame is a kind of flaneur of car parks, roadsides and pavements; looking for interesting residues (tire tracks, cracks, stains), she hunders down and meticulously traces them, before overlaying these marks and retracing them - this is an intricate idiosyncratic process art, too - as the basis for colorful, lyric paintings: nonrepresentative, singing things that nevertheless retain an unlikely transformative connection to the urban real. —by joshua mack / art review magazine

ingrid calame. her paintings are like maps of color, topographies of textures. also, joshua mack is a masterful user of both vocabulary and punctuation: that entire review is one sentence.

entonces— feliz lunes a todos.


graphic pasta

i was recently looking at my small shelf of cookbooks and i saw the geometry of pasta shining out from the bunch. i bought it last year after spying on a copy we had behind the counter, and i fell in love with its black-and-white design aesthetic.

of course, there are also some very delicious recipes to be found inside. one of my favorites is gramigne pasta with cabbage and sausage. YUM. it is especially delicious in the wintertime.

so you see, it is not only a beautiful book, but very useful!

the perfect shape + the perfect sauce = the geometry of pasta.

if you want to see some of the lovely recipes from this book, go here.
if you would like your own lovely copy of this book, go here.

in other news, i apologize for my infrequent posting of late. evidently, some months are just better than others, creativity-wise. but i'm still here!

have a sweet wednesday.


optimism bias

i am in the middle of reading this book, but i wanted to lay everything out on the table and tell you that... i bought this book because of the cover.

BECAUSE of the cover.

of course, i also wanted to learn more about the reasons humans are the way we are, and take a tour of the irrationally positive brain. i mean, what a great phrase. on the days that my job boils down to menial retail and customer service, it is nice to know that there is irrationality in positivity sometimes. i will tell you all about my newly acquired knowledge on the subject once i've finished the book, but for now, i will just share the cover with you and you'll (hopefully) understand why it caught my eye and why i bought it, in a burst of irrational positivity:

peter mendelsund, dudes. he's fast becoming one of my creative idols.

i know this is a post that is purely about my aesthetic taste + indulging my need to share such things with whoever stumbles upon them. but i thought it meet + right. and so.

one last thing—since we are on the topic of design, and a large part of the design for this cover is the font that is used...: i recently found this letter to comic sans dissenters, written by comic sans. you know how everyone is always picking on that poor font?

comic sans totally gets back at us for doing that. not that i'm going to start using comic sans now... but it has been rather unfairly maligned by us serif-lovers. via mcsweeneys, of course.

happy thursday!



on the cover of this year's creative review illustration annual is an illustration of the tools an illustrator uses. how very apt. it is a wonderful image, created by peter grundy. so naturally i wanted to see more of his colorful, sharp artistic stylings. and i've put them here for you to see as well, as is my custom. tra la!

wrong vs. right

how a new subway in nyc is built
technology at your fingertips!

it is hot and sticky here today, after a few weeks of really perfect weather. these are juicy and saturated enough with color + wit to make me forget the weather, if only for a few moments. they also are inspiring my grocery list. if that sounds odd, so be it. color speaks to me in many ways. teehee.

have a lovely day, all.