moving along

oh chicago. i'm trading you in for a new place. it's not you... it's me.

it's true—i'm traveling away from the windy city for a spell. i have until the end of november to say my goodbyes—and daydream about my new beginning. this is the fun part, where my future reality is still more or less unknown, and i can just pretend everything is going to be the way my rose-colored imagination dreams it will. whenever i move somewhere new, i do the same thing—daydream about my new apartment, and spy on other people's apartments, and picture the lives of those people.


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i guess i don't indulge my interior design junkie here very often, and honestly, i'm not sure you could really call me a "junkie" for furniture and things. still, i have a certain idea of what i want. and when one is preparing to uproot oneself, it can be a comfort to curl up into your daydreams. for me, that means spying on other people's apartments. you understand, of course!... maybe...

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so i think my thanksgiving will be spent daydreaming and being very thankful, with a dash of stress in there. luckily there will be lots of delicious things to focus on... and drown my sorrows in. yay thanksgiving!

hope you all enjoy yours.

(more updates forthcoming!)



i draw a lot. lately, when i draw, i find myself wanting to study the curves the human body makes when stretching or moving, because i think that those forms are so graceful and organic and really, quite perfect. so when i saw charles avery's work in artforum, an arrow flew into my heart and i fell madly in love:

the first image is the one i saw in artforum. the second-to-last image is one of my favorites. just a study of a woman standing, but it's exactly what i have been interested in studying on paper lately myself.

happy weekend, and a proper veteran's day greeting to all. i had grandfathers who were veterans and now that i am old enough to understand the day a little more, they are gone... but they are still on my mind today.

until next time—


fox + food

these two lovely books were just released. we got them in at the shop this week, and i got my lucky hands on them both! first, let's talk about food rules, the book by michael pollan. i haven't yet read ANY michael pollan (i can hardly believe it, seeing as how food books are usually my #1 priority), but on tuesday i was happy that i hadn't yet invested in a copy of food rulesb e c a u s e. . . .

... of this beautiful edition, illustrated by one of my art heroes, maira kalman. it is illustrated lushly, in kalman's wonderful, no-white-space aesthetic, and it is a hardcover, which makes it a pure gem. (while i have started to appreciate the paperback, my heart remains loyal to the hardcover.) i can't wait to read it!

next is a book that was a sweet surprise for me today:

mr. fox, by helen oyeyemi. this was recommended to me by a trusted fellow bookperson, both on account of its literary merit and its gor-geous cover art! aha. i love that cover illustration. it is by the illustrator, randolph caldecott (after whom the caldecott medal is named), and trust me, i will be doing a post on his work soon. for now, let me focus on the jacket co-designer, helen yentus:

she also deserves her own post. for now, i love her designs. i always linger over the camus when i'm shelving. you know, i suppose a lot of folks might think it silly to like a book simply because of how it looks, but in my opinion, good books deserve striking covers. otherwise, you might pass right over them.

two excellent volumes. today has been a good day. i am excited to read these.
of course, i still have to finish the books i'm reading at the moment. all in good time, my pretties. all in good time.

and now: good wednesday evening to all.