lately, i've been seeing blogs that show beautiful things, or at least things that the writer finds beautiful or inspiring. a year ago i had a lot to write about, since i was in spain, scuffling with a new life and new job and the slippery spanish language. now the dust has settled and my life is a bit more familiar, not nearly as interesting as it perhaps was. having a blog that has only to do with me me meee would be silly, so i'm looking to create a little space to pin up my own patchwork of ideas and experiments and photographs and colors and discoveries. ooh, and books.

i want to start with charley harper, because i love his artwork so very much. not only is he a brilliant artist, but the paragraphs that accompany his art are fantastic and sweet, funny snippets that often come off as poetic. the symmetry in harper's images of wildlife reflects the hard-won precision in nature. it reminds me of a line in a poem i ran across once: the universe is unfolding as it should. what do you think?

he's just brilliant. rest in peace, charley harper! i'm so glad you were an artist.

thusly ends my first post. i hope you come back for the next one...
until then—!