book cover lust

these covers make my mouth water. i remember seeing maps and legends in person and wanting to buy it only because of how gorgeous and perfect the cover was. i think i still will buy it. i'll read it, but mostly i'll just covet it. the penguin 75 is beautifully made AND it's all about these kinds of covers. i'm buying that one too. working in a bookstore makes me especially susceptible to these sorts of fickle flirtations with books and their covers. i love to read, but reading something that looks exquisite is so satisfying. i managed to choose just four covers that i have loved recently, and i think i'm going to make this a weekly post. i'm around books so much that i can't help but think about them all the time anyway. so let's see:

clockwise, left to right:
  1. maps and legends, by michael chabon. available here.
  2. once again to zelda, by marlene wagman-geller. available here.
  3. penguin 75, edited by paul buckley with a foreword by chris ware. more information and available here.
  4. little women, by louisa may alcott. available here.