friday book cover lust

maybe fridays will be my book cover post days. i love books, i love book covers. even if the book is terrible, i can't help but love an eye-catching book cover. i won't necessarily buy a book because of its cover, but i will quietly covet it.
in that vein, here are a few more of the penguin classic hardcovers. i love these designs because they are simple and elegant. admittedly, the covers are a bit of a gimmick—people like me will be tempted to buy all these books just to beautify their library shelves. no matter how much you love to read, if you've any artistic inclination for book design, you'll consider buying the cover art, regardless of what's inside. in this case, those of us who lust after art and literature equally are in luck.

  1. woman in white, by wilkie collins
  2. oliver twist, by charles dickens
  3. the sonnets & a lover's complaint, by william shakespeare
  4. the hound of the baskervilles, by arthur conan doyle
  5. inferno, by dante alighieri
  6. a christmas carol & other christmas writings
you can also go here for 20% off all of these titles, if you like. just a little secret from me to you.

happy weekend!