page cuts

if you've never looked at photobooth, go there immediately. it's one facet of the new yorker photo department's website. they highlight various photographers and shows; sometimes they'll showcase one photographer, or a particular style of photography... other times, they put together a collection of photographs that cover the same subject matter or are bound conceptually.

ANYway, so i found some wonderful images by an artist/photographer named su blackwell while perusing photobooth recently. her work is full of ethereal, mysterious shadows cast through the most delicately constructed paper sculptures. she makes them from pages of books... leaving the books intact. it's ridiculously amazing, and so beautiful. see for yourself, dears!

aren't they wonderful? and how sensible, to portray worlds emerging straight from the pages of books. oh dear, my cheesy bookish side is showing. time to go.

have a lovely day.