vintage etsy

i love the idea of furnishing a place with only vintage/antique/secondhand items because it means that you aren't buying anything really new. and these days, for me, reusing and repurposing are two ways of maintaining a fairly light footprint—but also, secondhand wares often have more character and humility (can a thing have humility?) than their contemporary, firsthand relatives. so every once in a while i like to take a look around etsy's vintage shop. today i am thinking about plates and platters, because i don't have any platters and only a few (albeit vintage!) plates. someday i'm going to have to better stock my cabinets.

  1. vintage victoria pottery : plate or tray : here
  2. rosy english tin tray : here
  3. i love roosters : large platter : here
  4. set of six : cup saucer bowl : melamine : here
  5. anna wood white fish platter : here
  6. retro acid green platter : ceramic: here