and the pursuit of...

maira kalman is one of the most fun, sweet, creative artists ever—but she also makes statements with her work. she has written and illustrated a new book, and the pursuit of happiness, which, even though it examines the politics of democracy, is a delight. it's full of her creamy paintings and portraits and sketches that look like they streamed right from her consciousness onto the paper. it is like seeing an artist's sketchbook or diary. kalman's also done some wonderful collaborations in theater and fashion. i love seeing artists actively putting their artwork and their opinions into people's hands, and kalman has figured out a beautiful way to do it.

and here are some of her set designs, which she did for mark morris's production of four saints, three acts, a work of drama by gertrude stein.

i love these designs with their opulent colors. how great would it be to have maira art all over the walls of your house? and finally, a few other things she's designed, some in collaboration with kate spade, others for the museum of modern art.

from kate spade collection, 2003

paperweights from MOMA collection

yay! incidentally, i suppose any of these things might make a lovely holiday present for someone you hold dear. if you can get your hands on them, that is. teehee.


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