coffee and cake

two of my favorite things. let's start with the coffee.

alterra coffee not only sells beautiful coffee sustainably and locally (they are based out of milwaukee, wi), but they have some wonderful relief-print designs on their products. i love relief prints, and i love seeing them out in the open. i think these almost look like woodcut prints, which is amazing.

i covet this artwork! i want to collect all their tea tins.... for now, i'm content drinking their coffee. i buy it in a paper sack from a tiny place around the corner from where i work, called bleeding heart bakery. bleeding heart is a chicago-based, "punk-rock" bakery that focuses on using sustainable, locally-grown ingredients. incidentally, they also have some pretty brilliant, tattoo-inspired design at work for them—in their bakeries and in their cakes...!

you can buy their little book of crazy punk-rock cupcakes (shown just above) here. i'm not sure about a cupcake with popcorn on it, but there are some clever little cakes in there, and also i am down with any bakery in the midwest that sells whoopie pies.

happy tuesday!