friday knight.


today is a beautiful november friday for some illustration talk. remember eloise, the little girl who lives in the plaza hotel? how about the mrs. piggle-wiggle series, which included cures for the never-want-to-go-to-bedders, the slow-eater-tiny-bit-taker, the heedless breaker, the waddle-i-doers. what do these books have in common?

hilary knight.

one of my favorite illustrators. her drawings are so dainty and detailed, and she gives her characters the best shoes (e.g. mrs. piggle-wiggle's spectators in the bottom illustration). her eloise illustrations are brilliantly old-fashioned and sweet, with a dash of sass and spice. if you haven't read the mrs. piggle-wiggle series, you MUST! or at least you should read it to your nieces and nephews, or your children, or your grandchildren.

or really anyone who will listen.