this thanksgiving, i am thankful for several things, like having a job and books and my family and all the lovely people who make my life so delightful. but one other thing i am thankful for is.... giralda. she lives in the wonderful spanish city of sevilla, where i lived last year. i miss seeing her around every day and talking about her like she's a real person. what weird thing are YOU thankful for?

happy travels and happy thanksgivings to yous!


  1. I think the weird thing I am thankful for is the train that runs by my house every morning. In the new cold, dark, and altogether gloomy weather that is a Wisconsin winter I am constantly having a hard time waking up. Yet, every morning at 7am the train goes by my house and wakes me up to let me know I must venture forth to the laboratory to be the mad scientist that I have become.


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