lands of plenty

i was just introduced to the fantastic food art of carl warner. he creates landscapes out of fruits and vegetables and fish and various other simple and/or gourmet food items. warner's original imagination brings to life the world of dr. seuss—those fields of truffula trees, an egg-filled kitchen, yertle the turtle's pond. i always thought dr. seuss's trees looked like broccoli. the artist himself likens his scapes to those of ansel adams.

fishscape (the artist's favorite!)

 broccoli forest

tuscan kitchen: mozzarella clouds / fresh pasta fields / parmesan buildings /
lasagna curtains / fresh lasagna tablecloth....

 coconut haystacks: red cabbage sky / parsley treetops with horseradish trunks /
toasted almond haystacks (in background)

 cart and balloons: balloons of strawberry, garlic bulb, red onion, banana, 
lemon, etc... / fields of bread, string beans, cucumbers, corn, asparagus....

cabbage sea: boat made of marrow, mange-tout, green beans, snap peas, 
asparagus, olives / lighthouse of zucchini / rocks, sea and sky of red cabbage

he uses everything to make these landscapes—spices for the pathways, rice for the fields, parsley for shrubs, cauliflower for clouds, marrow for boats. and only a bit of help from photoshop...! aren't they brilliant? see more of his work here. it will make you wistful to live in a world of bread mountains and red cabbage skies.


  1. Amazing and wonderful pictures!
    Thank you very much.
    Ariane from Hamburg/Germany


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