i went to an amazing book event last night. it was a conversation between chris ware and charles burns, two contemporary graphic novelists/artists who are quite well known. chris ware, as i said before, has done wonderful covers for the new yorker and granta and has several published volumes. charles burns is perhaps best known in my generation for his artwork in the literary arts magazine the believer, but he also has published a number of novels. some samples of their work again, just for fun....

charles burns: believer covers & self-portrait

 chris ware, new yorker cover c. 11/27/2006

so i got to meet both burns and ware, and watch them talk about their art. they were very smart, funny speakers and they are friends, as well, so that made their conversation easier and entertaining. i also decided to buy something....

and get it signed by chris ware... but he doesn't just sign your book. oh no. look what he does!

love love love it. i didn't get home till midnight but it was well worth it—and i got to be blissfully ignorant of midterm election results the entire time, too! 

if any of you want signed copies of c. ware's acme novelty #20 or signed copies of charles burns' x'ed out, let me know, or contact these people.