paraguas / umbrella

it is very funny to think about words sometimes... the word paraguas is spanish for umbrella, and literally translated it means "stops the water"! i just love thinking about words and then realizing really what they mean, foreign languages notwithstanding. anyway, it has been rainy in illinois lately and when it rains i tend to eye other people's umbrellas. usually they are fairly boring and plain, but sometimes you get a real goody, of which here are some. just a few rainy day-inspired umbrella finds that i hunted down at etsy....

yum. what is it about umbrellas? they are delightful.


  1. Lovely post as usual Annie, I find myself thinking about words a lot as well, I find it interesting how often I still pull out my dictionary or thesaurus, just to pore over how many different ways I could say appreciate, or finesse. Maybe I need more hobbies :)

  2. you and me both, it would appear. words = love. and dictionaries too... :) thanks, dearie!


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