books for chrismakwanzukkah: the finale

it appears that christmas is a week away. what?! how did that happen? anyway, that means that this is probably the last bookmas guide of the year. sigh. i've had such fun putting these together. as i have previously stated... i love telling people what to read.

so let's get started!

isn't your mouth watering? mine is. all righty, here we go:
  1. garden people*, by the wonderful valerie finnis. read a little about her here. this book is for gardeners who fully appreciate the land, and their ability to coax things from it. $35.00
  2. avedon! who doesn't know richard avedon's iconic fashion photography and want it plastered on every wall? well... maybe someone who isn't madly in love with art and fashion. get this retrospective for someone who decidedly is. $100.00
  3. my mother she killed me, my father he ate me is a book that i have been dying to buy since i first saw it in the shop about a month ago. it is full of old-as-the-hills fairytales that have been reworked by great writers. it is dark and moody and fantastic. $17.00
  4. amanda hesser has combed through 150 years' worth of the new york times' recipe archives and the cherry-red essential new york times cookbook is the tome that resulted. it should probably be on your food-loving friend's kitchen shelf. $40.00
  5. cleopatra: a life. stacy schiff's acclaimed account of this powerful woman's life corrects many of our misconceptions about her. historical and exotic, the perfect winter read for the person who loves a good [hi]story. $29.99
  6. 1001 albums you must hear in your lifetime is an excellent encyclopedia of some of the greatest music of (and not of) our time. for the musicophile who can't stop picking up new albums. $36.95
  7. doonesbury 40: a retrospective collection of the past 40 years of gary trudeau's comic creation, this box set includes every one of the 1800 strips published since 1970, as well as trudeau's own contemplations on his characters. $100.00
  8. penguin 75 is a feast for the eyes of both booklovers and designers. full of striking covers from the publisher's near-centurylong existence, and commentary from their illustrious art director, it is pretty inside and out. $25.00
  9. this is npr is clearly a necessity for your dear parents, who listen to npr at least four hours a day and, upon hearing their famous voices, inform you of their favorite (and least-favorite) reporters and commentators just as often. $29.95
  10. the cube is a book for every person who has ever succeeded with rubik's creation... or for the person who intends to succeed eventually. $12.95
  11. the six books of euclid: a lovely volume, made purely for people who know who euclid is and what his elements are, and who want to enjoy his contributions to mathematics with this unique collection. $59.99

*these links lead you to a place that will get you almost all of these books for 20% off. merry christmas to YOU!

that does it, dudes. i hope i've managed to put out some good idears, if not for christmas or other holiday presents, then maybe for yourselves. and don't worry, i will continue to tell you what to read. a bookgirl can't help herself.

until then, best of luck with the remainder of your holiday shopping! and of course, have a very merry weekend.