books for chrismakwanzukkah: take 2

it's that time... book holiday guide time. i am here to help you have a very merry bookmas. so let's see what we have here this week, shall we?
  1. for the ever-inquiring mind, there is the glorious and hilarious everything explained through flowcharts. $16.99
  2. lemony snicket and maira kalman fused their respective genius together and made 13 words! great for kids who love difficult vocabulary words and for adults who want this book on their shelves just because it's beautiful and perfect (i.e. me). $16.99
  3. yours ever is for the person in your life who loves mail. it is a history and investigation of letters, whether received in envelopes or inboxes. $15.00
  4. funk & soul covers is a collection of over 500 album covers of artists from marvin gaye to michael jackson that should go to your dear pal who is always bopping around to music. $39.99
  5. for ladies and gentlemen who appreciate beauty, travel, fashion, food, and other such delights, the encyclopedia of the exquisite. it is illustrated and includes little stories about each object... it is in itself an exquisite thing. $27.95
  6. anyone who loves to cook seasonally and buy locally, alice waters' classic art of simple food will be greatly appreciated. as the mother of the locavore movement, she knows what's what.  $35.00
  7. perhaps you have a literary dear one who would like to write or has been writing, but needs some encouragement. no plot? no problem! boasts a 30-day storywriting plan.  go! $14.95
  8. as i've said before, these penguin classics in hardcover are a beautiful and worthwhile addition to anyone's library. classics never go out of style and neither will these! $20.00
  9. for your musical friend who prefers jazz over funk & soul, jazz covers. $39.99
  10. if there are vegans in your life who don't own veganomicon, get it for them. from the ladies of post punk kitchen come this great cookbook full of tasty vegan recipes. believe it. $27.50
  11. give the special edition of the wonderful weirdness of ghost world to your favorite graphic novel junkie. $39.99
  12. for the smart, creative, talented artist-type: wild color, a beautiful guide to natural dyes. $22.99
*these links lead you to a place that will get you almost all of these books for 20% off. merry christmas to YOU!

more to come each week this month.
until the next books for christmakwanzukkah installment, i wish you happy holiday shopping, one and all. and have a great weekend.