books for chrismakwanzukkah: a guide

i have decided to do a sort of literary gift guide through december. frankly, there are so many beeeeautiful books out there, and someone has to catalog the ones that are absolutely necessary for the various characters in your life. these are all books that have crossed my path in my work as bookshop girl, so you can trust me on this.

  1. anyone who loves david sedaris: box set (includes all his work!) ($99.95)*
  2. cookery bookery for foodaholics: harold mcgee's keys to good cooking  $35.00
  3. for my fellow ralph steadman admirers: lewis carroll's alice in wonderland, illustrated by steadman himself. (if you receive this, you'll know you've been v. good this year.) $19.95
  4. for vintage fashion folk: janie bryant's fashion file (bryant is costume designer for mad men. girl knows what she's talking about.) $26.99
  5. for historians and bibliophiles alike: mark twain's autobiography: volume 1 (with two more on the way, you'll be all set for a few years....) $34.95
  6. folks enamored of canines will love the at-times abstract, always stunning photography in tim flach's dogs. $50.00
  7. help the bearded man in your life to shave face with the bearded gentleman: a guide to shaving face  $14.95 
  8. ...and then educate the handyman in your life with red green's how to do everything (includes tips on how to cook with acetylene and measure your hat size with a two-by-four). $25.95
  9. for the person who really, REALLY loves comics: taschen's beautiful 75 years of dc comics: the art of modern mythmaking. $200.00
  10.  for those who prefer amy over david (sedaris, that is...): simple times: crafts for poor people (this is a hilarious antidote to some of those stuffy craft books you see out there.) $27.99
  11. anyone who goes around singing songs from musicals in daily life will enjoy steven sondheim's finishing the hat, a rare look inside the legendary lyricist's life in & out of the theater. $39.95
*these links lead you to a place that will get you almost all of these books for 20% off. merry christmas to YOU!

more to come each week this month.
until the next books for christmakwanzukkah installment, i wish you happy holiday shopping, one and all. and have a great weekend.


  1. Oooh the first 2 are definitely going on my wish list, I mean how can you go wrong with a David Sedaris box set? Thanks for the post!


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