candy is important: part 2

it is so important that i am going to take this even further and put up a list of sweets you should indulge in. this is what happens when i go to etsy's plants and edibles section. sigh. warning: some of these are hopelessly kitschy. i couldn't help it. they look so delicious... and the christmasy d├ęcor just adds to the delicious component right now.

  1. gingerbread man marshmallows
  2. chocolate bonbons adorned with snowflakes
  3. white chocolate-covered red velvet cake balls
  4. hand-twisted peppermint lollipops
  5. chocolate cookie sandwiches with peppermint frosting
  6. french pistachio and cranberry nougat candies
YUM! happy sweet-eating, dearies. and have a lovely thursday.