candy is important

i have had the fortune of seeing a few of the following on other blogs (thank you, even cleveland and hi + low), and now i have the fortune of posting them for you. i love candymaking. i mean, i haven't tried it before, but i love that people still handmake candy and i love watching them. i could be entertained for hours watching the taffy-pulling machine at a candy store. this is also why i used to love watching "unwrapped" when i had tv at home. anyway, so here are some wonderful candy videos for you, because it's christmas and because you are sweet. heh heh.

first, ribbon candy!

now for some candy canes...

now for a spot of peppermint bark.

and now, just for fun, a little chinese candymaking. yay! 

that is all for today. in case you are wondering where the more inspired posts are hiding, you should know that my inspiration has gone fishing while the rest of my brain focuses on keeping my bookpeople happy in these trying times, a.k.a. the christmas season. but there will be more to come... eventually. never fear, dear intrepid readers!

happy wednesday.


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