christmastime is here!

as well as various other holidays. whatever you celebrate, i hope you have a wonderful time doing so, and that your travels are easy and uneventful, and that there is lots of snow and baked goods and their accompanying aromas to keep you cozy. some holiday cheer below—just in case you need it. until next week, m'dears!

  • you can always use more ira glass in your life. you can listen to the christmas comedy episode for freeeee here
  • if you need more comedy and less christmas, i invite you to read one of the drollest blogs ever...  hyperbole and a half. (you'll want to read this somewhere you can allow yourself to chortle uncontrollably... not kidding.)
  • for some excellent, clever reading material, go visit the believer and read some of their interviews with some incredible characters. one of my personal favorites was their 2009 interview with agnes varda. go!
  • if you love food and everything that has to do with eating and drinking, you probably love holiday food and eating and drinking. go hang with my girl lynne rossetto kasper over at the splendid table's holiday page and listen to some of her holiday shows, which feature the likes of amy sedaris and nigella lawson. you will drooool. and also fall in love.
  • holiday STAPLE: a charlie brown christmas. thanks, youtube. those of us without televisions are grateful to you. ahem.
  • and of course, some books to tide you over. bookgirl won't let you down. let's see here...

    • squirrel seeks chipmunk, david sedaris' latest work of beautifully acerbic humor
    • home cooking, by laurie colwin: one of my favorite books of food essays... and don't forget, i am an expert.
    • room, by emma donoghue: the blockbuster of the year AND shortlisted for the man booker prize. you'll read it in three days.
    • the giant's house, by elizabeth mccracken: wonderful, sad, epic love story about a boy who's eight feet tall and the girl who loves him despite everything.

there you go. i hope those come in handy.

have a delightful holiday, all. i am looking forward to sitting on my bum and not doing a darn thing except eat cookies and throw around wrapping paper this weekend. perhaps i will tell a tale of holiday customer service when i get back, as a memoir-type post... anyway, i'm rambling.

over and out, loveys! merry christmas and a happy vacation to all.