this is a post about shoes. apparently these have been around for awhile, but i just found out about them via the style rookie. thank you, fellow illinoisian!

first, some personal shoe history: i have never owned crazy wonderful cream puff high-heeled shoes. first, they are usually too expensive. secondly, as a working bookgirl, i must stay somewhat focused on what is appropriate and functional. which i am happy to do, actually. just because shoes are appropriate and functional doesn't have to mean they are ugly or boring. but it does put a constraint on what i allow myself to consider as far as shoes go.

needless to say, i appreciate these. i savor them. but i can also say with a fair degree of certainty that i will never, ever own a pair... of kron shoes. these SHOES! they are part alice in wonderland, part french pastry shop, part midsummer night's dream. do you agree?

oh, and part shoe pornography.
bows and velvet, patent leather, laces, tiny ruffly trimmings—they are fit for marie antoinette herself...!