lisbeth's fairytales

hello again! i hope you are all feeling rested and ready for new years and new things. —all right, enough chitchat. down to business.

today i'm going to show-and-tell lisbeth zwerger's illustrations. i have fallen in love with her book little red cap. i know lisbeth z's artwork mostly from fairytales, which bloom into quiet, sweet, dark walks in forests when illustrated with her evocative watercolors. you can read a bit more about her here. it's interesting, because while we at the bookshop keep her books in kids' folklore, i find that it is often the adults that peruse and love them. i think the subtlety and emotion in zwerger's paintings are more suited to those who appreciate such depth in children's stories. just thoughts.

*          *          *

i consider these to be heirloom-type books. definitely to be read to your small ones, but also to be kept safe and sound, so that they can read them again (and again and again...) later. aren't they so lovely? sigh.

okay, dearies, off into wednesday we go. have a happy one!