edward gorey.

once upon a time, i was a small child, and my parents watched "mystery!" every thursday night (or was it sunday?). ever endeavouring to stay up late, i managed to catch the initial "mystery!" credits sequence, illustrated and animated by edward gorey... and i have been in love ever since. he also writes and illustrates tiny books that are very, very bizarre, and have titles like the gashlycrumb tinies and the epiplectic bicycle. but, graced with his illustrations of people with doleful looks on their faces and circles under their eyes, they are brilliant.

anyway, in the spirit of the holidays, i thought i would share his holiday-type creations that i have spied printed on greeting cards at various stationery shops. observe:

the characters in his scenes are so dramatic and full of what i suppose i can only call a certain je ne sais quoi. they are perfect, so grim, so resigned, yet so wonderful! and i love that fruitcake image.

have a good old monday.


  1. If I had Christmas cards by Edward Gorey -- I just might send them.


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