one saturday morsel: you won't be sorry

hello, saturday! today i get to go to the russian tea room in chicago and i am very excited. but before i do that, i wanted to share two things. the first is pinterest.

now: pinterest is, succinctly, an online bulletin board, where you can pin up your favorite works of art, literature, music, etcetera and have them at the ready when you need to see something pretty, or be inspired, or just want to remember something you saw a long time ago. not only that, but you can see other people's boards, and so it also serves as a really cool resource for people wanting to discover new artists, recipes, places, photographers, and so forth. anyway, that is the reason behind the pinterest button you now see here, on the right. go check it out, if you like.

secondly, we are going to revisit ralph steadman. he illustrated alice in wonderland...

however, that isn't all he illustrated. how many of you are familiar with roald dahl? raise your hands, please. now HOW MANY of you knew that ralph steadman ALSO illustrated an edition of roald dahl's amazing short story the mildenhall treasure???

...and robert louis stevenson's treasure island???

i did not know these things. until today. and today also marks the beginning of my lifelong search for these books, which are either already or in danger of going out of print. oh dear. until i find them, i will have to continue collecting flying dog beer bottles.... (only joking, dear reader!)

that is all. now i send you off on your merry way, christmas shopping, traveling, studying for tests, going to the russian tea room.... have a wonderful weekend!