who wants a dingy woman?

it is a little early, but i just want to suggest that if you are going to get a significant other something for valentine's day, it had better be something extremely rich and chocolaty and creamy, OR one of these books:

(it reads, "his eyes were positively blazing. the red light in them was lurid,
as if the flames of hell fire blazed behind them.")

last year, penguin collaborated with the AIDS awareness fund (RED) and produced, with the help of some very talented and wonderful designers, these beautiful covers. three were created in-house at penguin and the rest were done by the likes of FUEL, Nathan Burton, Studio Frith, Grey318, and Non-Format.

if you purchase one of these volumes some of your money will go towards AIDS research, and the rest will go towards your significant other / sister / brother / mom / dad / best pal cruising into springtime with a book to read that not only is a classic, but is fabulous-looking. it is the type of situation we call a win-win. and more are on the way, in case you're not already won over.

and that is the last you'll hear from me about valentine's day. i promise.
happy almost-friday.