food drawing

today i want to share a gem of a food art project: they draw and cook! i found this at a billion tastes and tunes—the author of which has an illustrated recipe up on the site herself (see "pasta with handfuls of herbs" below, teehee). i think this is such a fun and cool idea. come on! integrating art and food?! how very perfect. OBSERVE:

i'm sad i didn't see this before christmas, since there are some really wonderful traditional recipes submitted from cooks living outside the U.S. and overseas and such. i love looking at them—it's fun to see people's different styles and how their recipes occasionally reflect their style. (that blueberry scone recipe looks like a tea party, doesn't it?) also, these remind me of the handmade cookbook my sister made me a few years ago, complete with illustrations of each dish. recipes are the best heirlooms.

at any rate, i thought illustrated recipes seemed like a proper start to the week...! cheers to all, and have a lovely monday.