how novel!


postertext has made a marvel by creating a key image out of negative space and setting it against a backdrop of the works of authors such as sir arthur conan doyle and james joyce and louisa may alcott. and, all punniness aside, they are very cool and perfect for bookish folk such as yours truly. have a look yourself:

 moby dick


 the great gatsby


war of the worlds

so, for example, the grey columns behind the white aliens above are comprised of the text of the first so many chapters of h.g. welles' epic tale. the posters range in price from about $24 to $40, in case you were wondering. yet another item to covet in the world of literary-type things. (i can't get away from making inadvertent puns, forgive me.)

wednesday, you're off to a good start.


  1. These are amazing! I was stuck by the images when I first saw them, but I am even more impressed by them now that I know they are actually made up of the text from the authors.

  2. they are, aren't they? AND, they keep working on new ones, which is pretty exciting... :) thanks for your comment--your blog is so lovely.


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