sometimes you find that you have an interest in something you never realized you were interested in! like baking with teff flour, or leafy tattoos, or... cool letterheads.


did you know that john wayne had his own letterhead? of course he did, he was famous. but still, somehow, he doesn't seem the type.... (pun absolutely intended.) well, he was not alone. charlie chaplin, neil diamond, steve mcqueen, nikola tesla—they all had them. aren't you pretty curious as to what they looked like? me too. and thanks to letterheady, a fabulous blog featuring wildly interesting vintage letterheads (including those from airlines and fan clubs and such), we now have access to such knowledge. look!

j.d. salinger

marie curie

muhammad ali

richard simmons....

jean-paul sartre / les temps modernes journal

nikola tesla

et voila. i've mostly chosen celebrities' stationery here, but you can see lots of others when you visit the letterheady blog. off you go, then! happy wednesday.


  1. how about that Richard Simmons letterhead . . . oh yes - and the Charles Schulz one - cute.


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