lines & colors

ana laura perez is a wildly cool artist from argentina whose work has been garnering a bit of attention lately. her lines remind me of anna emilia laitinen's work, being smooth and delicate, but her subjects are more often people than things in nature. i think one of the traits of her art that i love the most is that they could perhaps be studies—they are thorough, candid and observant. but the level of detail and layering makes her work decidedly polished and thought-out. such subtle, beautiful coloring, too. i LOVE it.

just right.

that is all. be courageous today, in honor of martin luther king, jr. and have a wonderful day.


  1. I am totally in love with this artist! or well, at least - her work :) Why have I never stumbled across this blog before? x x

  2. tashi love, i thought of you when i saw these, as a matter of fact... yay!


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