morell's camera obscura

i remember finding out about abelardo morell a few years ago while i was studying photography in school. he's a cuban-born photographer/artist with the best ideas about how to use the camera obscura. i love love LOVE his camera obscura series, and so, even though he's done some other amazing projects, that is what i shall feature today. these make me want to paint garden murals and landscapes on my walls. there is something baroque about these photographs—they are so full of ornate detail, but if you look closely, most of that detail is just being projected onto the walls of a mostly empty room. and do look closely....

landscape outside florence inside room with bookcase. florence, italy. 2009

philadelphia museum of art, gallery #171 with dechirico painting, 2006

santa maria della salute in palazzo bedroom. venice, italy. 2006

santa maria della salute in palazzo living room. venice, italy. 2006

piazzetta san marco, looking southeast in office. venice, italy. 2006

grand canal looking west in palazzo room under construction. venice, italy. 2006

volta del canal in palazzo room painted with jungle motif. venice. 2008

view of florence looking northwest inside bedroom. florence, italy. 2009

garden with olive treen inside room with plants. outside florence. 2009

view of the brooklyn bridge in bedroom, 2009