N Y R B !

at the bookshop, we have a wonderful shelf in fiction that is dedicated to the most colorful book spines in the store: those of the new york review of books books. or... nyrb books. the review is fairly new, actually; having just started in 1999, now the series includes over 206 titles and is a favorite of bibliophiles looking for newly-translated works of fiction and nonfiction. these are books, to quote the nyrb itself, for the "discerning and adventurous" reader.

to sum up, the nyrb's mission is to bring foreign literature in foreign languages to the english-speakers of the world! what a great mission, right? to name a few of their freshly-translated authors:

vasily grossman | daphne du maurier | georges simenon | charles simic | elizabeth david | anton chekhov | h.p. lovecraft | stefan zweig | patrick leigh fermor | norman mailer | lionel trilling | dante | robert hughes

now, to the point: their covers are marvelous and unique interpretations of what each book holds. i have some favorites that i've seen around the shop... see any that you like?


i really love that they used a wegman weimeraner for asleep in the sun.
well, that's all for today, happy readers! maybe i've given you some new idears for what to read next?
p.s. you know you can always go here to stock your nyrb library (for 20% less)!


  1. Interesting -- I want to browse that shelf.


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