one saturday morsel: gradation nation

too bad gradation isn't a prettier word. i just figured out the other day that one of my favorite words is plinth. that is also kind of sad, because a plinth is not anything very special. but the word reminds me of... // vines // mint // plums // leaves // ...even though it means "a base or platform on which rests a column, pedestal, statue, monument, or structure." hmm.

anyway, that is not what i was going to talk about. no no. gradation! that is what we're here to see. it can be done very creatively and in much more interesting, artistic ways than via computer. THIS is what i wanted to show you:

these are illustrations from a book called where is everybody?, by remy charlip. thank you to stopping off place for these images... now a few more people know about this sweet book, which is literally about 10 pages long. or perhaps even eight pages.

and that, my readers, is why i wish gradation was a prettier word.
enjoy saturday fully—!