teacup wallpaper

it's true! there is a wallpaper with teacups on it, and it is fabulous, because it was designed and created by a lovely lady named vera neumann. anthropologie currently has a little vera section with some wonderful, colorful things in it—have a look-see here:

i love her patterns. she has such a lively, loose way of working with colors and lines. i thought vera's color swathes might be happy things to see today—particularly for those of us who crave something other than light grey skies to look at during january.

and of course, there's a cute book involved.

yes. sometimes january seems long. i wish it would snow... sigh. in the meantime, i hope this made you feel like it was sunny out for a moment. or like it was about to blizzard and you got to stay home with a cuppa and an art project or excellent book to read. teehee. have a sweet wednesday.


  1. I really like the ones involving the city. Is she from NY, NY?

  2. she was an upright lady from connecticut who relocated to new york for school and ended up staying there awhile. :) she lived to 86.


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