a trip to the museum

i went to the museum of contemporary art this past weekend. there was a wonderful exhibit of jim nutt's work at the museum, punctuated with incredible portraits of imaginary women. they are executed beautifully, all gloss and precision, careful brushstrokes and striking colors. included in a jim nutt companion exhibit at the mca were some pieces by gladys nilsson. jim & gladys were both a part of the chicago imagists who wound up calling themselves the "hairy who." they were also married. i admired both of their styles, so i put them together here.

now... no more talking. what do you think?

 jim nutt

gladys nilsson

you can read a description of the exhibit here and see some more information on the hairy who here.


  1. interesting about the chicago imagists -- I don't know about those noses though

  2. What a fantastic exhibit. Thanks for sharing this.


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