a wee post on book design

yesterday on the new york times, they were featuring these wonderful slides and snippets of work done by book designer thatcher wine of juniper books. they are so interesting, because this highlights the allure of book styles and covers, and how books can be so physically lovely, no matter what's inside them. this plays right into the hands of certain folks who occasionally fixate on covers rather than content... ahem. (blush.)

it is absorbing to see how companies and individuals wish to use books as part of a design for their house. frankly, i prefer my books on the shelf, colorful and unique in their singular ways, and sometimes these design ideas seem a little weird... because in the end, books are meant to be read, not seen. on the other hand, though, a book with a bad cover is just too sad. and these are gorgeous! so no harm done. a small preview...:

all photos courtesy of juniperbooks.com.

happy thursday, lovelies!