nyrb: jenny & the cat club

so, i've posted a little about nyrb novels... NOW, i'm going to post about nyrb classics for children, which is a project that publishes vintage favorites for today's youngsters. things like lizard music by daniel pinkwater, and jenny and the cat club by esther averill. i love these volumes because they are sturdy and lovely, with their red + blue cloth spines and illustrated covers.

so, this weekend i acquired a used copy of a book called jenny goes to sea. jenny is a little black cat who goes on adventures with her brothers, checkers and edward. (great cat names.) jenny even has a last name (it's linsky). basically, i feel like this is the type of story i was forever trying to write while in elementary school. esther averill does a better job than my 9-year-old self, however, and her books are illustrated with the funniest, simplest, full-of-character drawings. so i wanted to share.

 (that's jenny in the red scarf....)

occasionally jenny reminds me of my own little black kittykat, who also goes on adventures.

the stories are friendly and uncomplicated—soothingly so. just a few cats going on trips, hanging out, having meetings...  you know. the usual. i was so happy to find a used copy. of course, they are available to buy brand-new, as well. (definitely worth it!)

if you feel like being read to / seeing some more illustrations / hearing a story in which jenny's birthday wish is to dance the sailor's hornpipe, here is a little video for you.

some mondays are for simple things. ♥


  1. I say . . . what a gang of cool cats! I watched the whole thing.


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