the winter pales

i'm feeling the winter pales today.

rather than wish for ripe colors of summer, though, the pales have me craving subtle color. neutrals can be so generous and effortless. they are soothing and cordial, cool and delicate. they are easy to accessorize. today i am dedicating a bit of space to neutrals... maybe just to go with the pale winter landscape that i see out my window, on my walk through town, in the forecast.

i love this color palette & how each of these artists work with it. i've only just come upon heiderich and burns, but their work was planted in my mind, and their color schemes, too....


  1. I really like the heiderich stuff. You should start posting some of your work. Maybe some poems or drawings!

  2. why thank you. i'll consider it... maybe. :)

  3. love these images - the heiderich photos are beautiful!


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