i was paging through saveur magazine and my eye made a beeline for a small illustration by sicilian illustrator beppe giacobbe. so i knew i had to see more. and i knew you did, too.

(excuse the watermark. i love this image.)

that last image s p e a k s to me! know what i mean?

have a grand day.

p.s. reading post coming up soon. promises, promises!


  1. I really like the dress made of noodles. I think I really like the colors more than the dress itself. I hope you get to see some cool art exhibits at the MCA this weekend!

  2. I love these, they're so whimsical.

    Thanks for that thoughtful comment on my galliano post, I really appreciate it.

  3. thanks, hila—both for your comment and your post. it always strengthens me to see others standing up for truth + justice—!


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