i went to the cy twombly exhibit at the art institute a few years ago and fell in love with the things i saw—fearless vibrant color, paint-soaked boundless brushstrokes. all coming together to make these living, resonating works of art—!

these are the kinds of paintings that make me want to jump into a giant barrelful of pigment and run around leaving color footprints everywhere, squeezing paint out of my hair. is that odd? i just love color, and i love that cy twombly puts together colors that belong together. in a way, his art is hedonistic to view, because the subjects in his paintings are rendered loosely enough that form and hue get equal attention. you get to soak in the color without necessarily studying it... although i suggest studying it a little, because twombly isn't shy or careless about what colors he mixes together.

b r i g h t + f e a r l e s s !

now, let's have a good old monday, shall we?