a different niffenegger

ha-ha. yes, there are two similarly-named sylvias in the world... but what about niffeneggers? teehee. i saw rachel niffenegger's work at the museum of contemporary art and thought it was remarkable, to say the least!

now listen... these are scary. they almost conjure cave drawings, albeit contemporary and colorful ones. niffenegger manipulates and experiments with heads + faces in her work. i know not everyone appreciates this type of imagery, but there's something about an artist who gets so deep into her subject that something ominous emerges from her efforts. sometimes you just don't know what that will be. so i appreciate it, and i can somewhat relate to it. and i definitely admire it.

i couldn't find an artist's statement, so i don't know the what/why of niffenegger's art. perhaps that is her statement. but you can go here and here to find out more about her.

O sweet friday! have a good one, all.