a different sylvia

sylvia plachy is a photographer. i've seen her photographs in the new yorker and they take on several personalities—some quiet, others uncontained. perhaps that's because she engages in "photography pure"— roaming, looking, until a particular view + composition strikes her and she reels it in.

i found these photographs here. they are from a joint show she did with her friend, fellow hungarian photographer gyorgy beck. it was called "metaphysical landscapes."

there's such peace in these photographs, but it's a very wild peace. grasses rush + are pulled along as the dog makes its way through the snowy trees, wind blows during sunrise in alicante, old branches creak in the transylvanian woods.

landscape photography isn't plachy's usual line. as new yorker visuals editor elisabeth biondi says,
indeed, when asked what she means by “landscape,” she gives a little sylvia smile and indicates that her understanding of the word includes the metaphorical. a dreamy picture of something resembling a fish tank is a kind of interior landscape, at least according to sylvia.

this kind of idea is what draws me into an artist's work.
have a lovely thursday, dears!