melville house

the art of the novella.

as envisioned by melville house publishers. i love love LOVE these little books! they are lovely and small, and colorful, and the series includes novellas by authors from near and far. i've always wanted to read moby dick, but since it is a little scary, i've picked up benito cereno instead—partly to get a little preview of herman melville's writing style, but also to read an author who has been on my to-read list forever.

forever, i tell you!

they are like little jewels, aren't they? leading to the undoing of bibliophiles everywhere, no doubt.
and so i had to share. teehee.

cheers, wednesday!


  1. they are like jewels! or candy. and they would be perfect for my bookshelf... *rubs hands together eagerly*

  2. like candy! exactly. perfect for gobbling right up!


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