a rainy morning, windows open, curtains waving in the chilled air. today i've heard three flocks of geese passing by, and one of the groups was raucously exulting that their travels had reached their end. i can't tell you how much i love hearing the wild geese marking the season's change. it makes my heart swell.

this is something that nature dictates, something that our hands cannot grasp: the whisper in the ears of wild animals, telling them what to do and when.

i love that at this time of year, i can still hear the ancient language of something beyond my reach. it is an opportunity to feel the beauty of distance and mystery, to sense the quiet power of what nature deems necessary.

ever since i learned this poem in fourth grade, i've felt this way. maybe you do too.

sweet weekends, everyone.


  1. I love that poem! the geese have already invaded our campus in Boston - maybe a little early? spring is almost here..!

  2. seventeen more days till the equinox... and the first spring snow will fall after that, i suppose...! someone needs to write a poem about geese flying north.

  3. I love this poem. I walked out today and all of a sudden birds are singing and flitting around, I heard and saw a crane flying overhead.
    Spring is coming - slowly life stirs and wakes.

  4. Nice poem and you have a very interesting (illustration) blog!


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