what if?

i love books. i'm not troubled by e-readers, but i do wonder at those who appreciate them. another screen in my life... no thank you. i love the feel of a book, the heft, the scent, the way it fits on the shelf. and the idea of reading dickens on an e-reader... it would feel so wrong in so many ways.

this little strip makes a point about e-readers and imagination. what might become of a person who never got to exercise theirs? how ironic that imagination is what fuels our technologies, endangering itself in the process. (strip found via jacket mechanical.)

or read it here (in a larger size!)

i just have such a love affair with my memories of stories seizing my mind and galloping around madly with it. i wonder what i'd be without books being such a huge part of my life. and would i be the same if i'd read them all on-screen, instead of in worn pages read over + over?

just thoughts—