billboard landscape

reading the creative review is mind-opening.
particularly when it comes to projects like this.

lead pencil studio has created a landscape that marries beauty + a billboard—but not the kind we see driving down the interstate. instead of taking away from the beauty of the plains and meadows, non sign ii enhances the beauty of the landscape beyond.

the sculpture is sited on the united states/canada border in blaine, wa. its 50ftx30ft frame is made entirely of blackened steel rods. normally when i see a billboard-sized object on the roadside, it obstructs my view of what's beyond it, but this is meant to draw focus toward the sky, the horizon, the things we might otherwise miss when we're speeding past. oh i love it. do you?

happy friday—and april fool's day... uh oh...!


  1. Hey Annie, this is Claire Gillis. This post reminds me of this image of a billboard I saw, where the woman's hair was a cut out. It was for hair color.

  2. claire! excellent to hear from you. that billboard series is amazing. it seems so obvious and yet so genius to let the sky be a part of a billboard having to do with color. the effect is stunning. thanks for sharing.

    p.s. i hope life post-elementary school has been great. :)

  3. This is an amazing idea and it looks great too!



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