top = maira; bottom = materialistics' "girl with a pearl earring"
hello, hello! it is another chilled + rainy day here in illinois, as it's been all week, so i don't have much in the way of creativity happening in my brain at the moment. however, i ran across some excellent things on the web the past few days... so today will be a show-and-tell day.

first of all, i found this wonderful piece on the millions about emotion + intimacy in food writing. it was particularly interesting to me, having just opined on cleaving and all week kind of worrying that i am running out of food books to read (horrors!). read it here.

next, an article from the nyt about how we still aren't learning from the past, despite lessons carved in stone... literally.

here is a slideshow of maira kalman hanging her show, "various illuminations (of a crazy world)" at the jewish museum in new york city.

an incredible show in london, put on by a group called the materialistics. they recreate masterpieces with needle and thread... or yarn.

poetry critic david orr just published a book called beautiful & pointless, about how to read poetry. it was like he read my mind over the past few months. poetry is something i will continue to study all my life, yet will continue to elude me... but that is its nature, after all. at any rate, this book is next on my reading list.

*      *      *

f i n a l l y,  some music i've had on repeat this week. i hate to talk small here, but this weather—! it is really just cloudy and blah. so thank goodness for great music, courtesy bonobo (i love walking to work with this in my ear)—

...and robert plant + alison krauss. (their album raising sand is stunning.)

that's all dears. happy earth day—be nice to her today!
and have a lovely weekend, of course.