light painting

 morgan fisher is an english musician and visual artist. he is inspired by the contrast of high-tech modernism with deeply traditional spirituality in japan, where he lives. i also found him via artworks magazine. his light photography looks like the heat + energy of music + flames.

over the weekend i went to hear music, the kind that puts the red shoes on your feet and makes you dance all night. so today, i love these light paintings/photographs. he writes:

"many people have commented that these light paintings emanate a musical feeling. whenever i make them i experience the exact same energy that i get from my musical improvisations—only the tools are different."  (you can download his statement here.)

especially that last one.
that is how it feels when it rains music, and you splash around dancing in it.

have a lovely tuesday!


  1. My brother in law has done some light painting, and it is amazing. These pictures are gorgeous, especially the last one - it reminds me of water as well. Maybe the highest notes of a symphony, sprinkling down...

  2. oh, it's such a cool type of photography. and yes—! i imagine a fast bluegrass two-step, vibrating floor to ceiling... but either way: yes. :) thanks, charlotte!

  3. I wish I could weave these...

  4. maybe you can weave with these in mind...? that would be a challenge—perchance a fun one...

  5. thank you so much for the kind comments, it means a lot to me.

    there are many more of my light paintings here:

    best wishes from japan!

    morgan fisher


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