oh dear

i realize it's been some time since my last post. sigh. i seem to be all over the place these days -- traveling and visiting friends and generally being everywhere but at home. and actually... that has been great! sometimes, you need a scattered couple of weeks full of trains and dancing and late nights, and then at the end you settle and cool down a bit. this weekend i get to hang around outside, weather permitting, and go to a street fair and make sushi and have a picnic.

how about a little update? usually i don't do things like that, but since i've been remiss with my posting i don't mind doing it this once. teehee. so let's see: i am starting to plan some summery outings. it's been cool and rainy all week here, and not in a springy way. so planning for summertime is necessary. first of all, i am going to a music festival in may. i'm super jazzed about that, because i've never been to one before! outdoor music + dancing + camping... it sounds glorious. and it's about time i got myself to a music festival.

also i will go to the lake for a week. my grandparents went to this lake for their honeymoon about 60 years ago and the family's been going ever since. needless to say, i know the place as well as i know my own home. i love being able to go -- my trips there have been intermittent since graduating college, predictably, but this year i put my foot down with a firm hand. and so i am going.

in book news, i am really liking the james schuyler novel i'm reading. schuyler was a chicago poet, and alfred and guinevere is one of three novels he wrote. it's about a brother, alfred, and his older sister, guinevere. i haven't finished it yet, but i love the way they talk to each other. their interactions are always full of imagination and wit. they remind me of my sister and i, playing our silly games, speaking a language only we knew. my parents say we used to sit in the back of the car and laugh idiotically at seemingly nothing, which of course peeved mum + dad no end. anyway, it's a lovely book. i recommend it for a quietly funny read.

well, that does it. next week i will have some major posts. i  p r o m i s e !
 i hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


  1. hmm, I wish I could have some weeks of dancing and train rides and traveling... it sounds lovely!

  2. bring it on . . . summer, that is!!


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