cover embroidery, among other things

embroidered covers! yes.

awhile ago, i saw some images of penguin's latest foray into making their books even more addictive and irresistible... which they are calling "penguin threads." jillian tamaki is one of the artists who has been working on creating embroidered covers for penguin, and i daresay she has done some other brilliant work too. she's an illustrator, a frequent decorator of new york times articles and the pages of the new yorker, the atlantic monthly and national geographic.

i love that last image.
apparently, however, tamaki knows a thing or two about embroidery, as well:

too wonderful, right? it makes me want to learn embroidery. and embroider my own book covers. sigh.
these covers will grace the shelves of your local bookshop around october 2011. mark your calendars, folks.

what a month it's already been. here's to reflection and clarity in the wake of all that's been happening lately—!

onward with tuesday.


  1. yes! incorporated into book covers, no less. i love this idea so!


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